Works continues …

The WTOC 2025 is fast approaching, but our efforts are not letting up. The next milestone is the PreWTOC WRE competitions (PreO in Hungary and TempO in Slovakia) in September, and the advisors’ visit awaits us the next long weekend after WREs.


Mapping works are practically finished. Here you can see some examples of maps.

is being prepared

PreWTOC TempO and PreO sprint

is being prepared

WTOC Relay



We are also working hard on the preparation of the courses, which are already half ready.

Results service

We are seriously thinking about online results from all competitions and mobile signal in Slovakia especially in forest areas is not alway very good so we started testing  Internet connectivity over satellite technology. The first results were promising. The results service will be provided by software TOP from Libor Forst, where we managed to improve the quality of displaying results through AJAX technology. We plan to display the results not only after each answer in PreO, but also after each answer (not only for the entire station) in TempO and TC.

PreWTOC – information for wheelchairs

We are trying to prepare the best conditions  for wheelchair competitors as much as possible, but it is not always possible. The situation for PreWTOC TempO is more difficult in drivability compared to WTOC, but we hope that you will be satisfied. The path from the event centre to competition area is visible in the photos below. There are some higher elevations on the short section.

Our main task is to make a path available to the Sprint section after heavy rains.

First advisory visit

We had the first visit from our IOF Assistant Event Adviser Petteri Hakala recently. We visited Slovak terrain on Sunday and Hungarian terrain on Monday. The terrains were verbally approved so we can start mapping works now.

Welcome to WTOC 2025 pages.

Work on WTOC2025 started earlier, but now we have launched the WWW pages, where we will publish current information about the championships.

The first virtual meeting took place with our assigned advisors, which are Per Staalnacke from Norway (Senior Event Advisor) and Petteri Hakala from Finland (Assistant Event Advisor). This year, the advisors will come for the first visit, where the primary goal will be to confirm the competition areas so that we can start the mapping work.

Then (before the end of the year) we plan to publish the Bulletin 1.

Preliminary embargoed areas were added as the first document.